Stress and Anxiety

Feelings of stress and anxiety can take the enjoyment out of life. Our Hypnotherapy service in Crawley can change that

Weight Loss Healthy Eating

Lose weight and develop a healthy attitude towards food and eating. Take back your control by gaining a healthy relationship with food through hypnotherapy.

Fears, Phobias and Habits

Break the unwanted patterns efficiently, effectively and permanently.

Personal Growth

Whether it’s work social or sports related raise your game and improve your confidence through integrated hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy in Crawley

Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique for change

Hypnotherapy is a gentle and powerful technique that can help change negative thought patterns and beliefs, which can help you achieve your goals, treat serious emotional problems and help alleviate a range of medical conditions. Our subconscious mind often stubbonly prefers to cling on to old known behavioural patterns even if they are negative, outdated and interfere with our peace of mind and quality of life.
Hypnotherapy can change years of self-defeating thought patterns and behaviours, thus enabling positive and effective lasting change. We provide a professional Hypnotherapy service in Crawley


Hypnotherapy is deeply relaxing, gentle and very effective.

Want to know more about Hypnotherapy in Crawley?

Is Hypnotherapy safe?

Absolutely! Hypnosis is a very gentle and deeply relaxing therapy, please be assured that you will feel completely safe and secure at all times.

What’s the difference between what we see on the TV and what to expect during a hypnotherapy session.

What you see on the TV is STAGE hypnosis and purely for entertainment value. You will never be asked to do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable or out of control during a hypnotherapy session.

How many sessions will I need?

That varies from person to person depending on the problem to be resolved, but generally, you will always notice some (often many positive changes) after the first hypnotherapy session.



A little about Carol

Hello, my name is Carol Corbett, I am a fully qualified integrated Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner working in Crawley, West Sussex.

I have 26 years of experience working as a therapist in the field of health and well-being, and my complete aim and objective is to help facilitate positive, lasting change in my clients …………………

I felt so relaxed after seeing Carol for my anxiety, the heavy feeling in my chest that I’ve felt for ages disappeared after my first appointment. I feel more balanced and in control than I have in a long time since having hypnotherapy.

Thank you.

J. Lyons

I was very sceptical about trying hypnotherapy. I have been overweight for most of my life and have done all the diets. I’ve
had three sessions now. I’ve can’t believe how easy it’s been for me to lose weight and to just walk past junk food, I don’t even feel like I’m using will power!

S Richardson

I booked hypnotherapy with Carol as a last result really.  I’ve suffered with IBS on and off for a few years now.  Carol made me feel immediately comfortable that I could talk to her openly.  My anxiety levels have been greatly reduced and the IBS symptoms are few and very far between since having hypnosis. Thank you so much.

B Drake