Fears Phobias and Habits

When a fear becomes uncontrollable or irrational it can be described a a phobia. Phobias cause terribly distress to a person often with no logical explanation. Hypnotherapy can eliminate fears and phobias for good in a quick, easy gentle way.

There are many classic habits such as nail biting, hand washing, to name but a few. Habits are usually caused by some level of inner anxiety and the habit becomes a learned response.

No matter how unusual you think your habit is, hypnotherapy is a very effective way of eliminating it for good.

With my style of hypnotherapy I am confident that you will regain your control.

Break unwanted patterns efficiently, effectively and permanently.

My name is Carol Corbett and I have been practising hypnotherapy for over 12 years working one to one to help clients like you resolve their issues and gain control in important areas of their lives.

Please feel free to call me on 07922 222011 for a no obligation chat about how hypnotherapy works and can help you.