Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

Lose weight and develop a healthy attitude towards food and eating.  Take back your control by gaining a healthy relationship with food through hypnotherapy.

Constant dieting and worrying about weight gain can be very draining and may lead to anxiety and poor self esteem. If you have tried all the fad diets and slimming foods and clubs over and over again you will appreciate how difficult it is to reach your goal of attaining a healthy body weight through constant dieting hard as you may try.

My style of Hypnotherapy will give you all you need to lose and maintain a healthy weight loss and gain an enjoyable relationship with food.  It allows you to eat healthily, become more active and lose weight easily,

Change the way you think about food and adopt a new positive association with eating today.  

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My name is Carol Corbett and I have been practising hypnotherapy for over 12 years working one to one to help clients like you resolve their issues and gain control in important areas of their lives.